Healthy Living Tips

"What you eat today……….walks and talks tomorrow ! John Wherry "

There is much truth to this old saying.

Our bodies need fuel of different types and in the correct proportions, to continue running efficiently.

We all know the mantra; High Fibre ; Low Fat ; watch those kilojoules ; no junk food ; limit alcohol ; drink more green tea ; Dark Chocolate is good for you… (or is it bad for you?) ; exercise more………less coffee; no fizzy drinks; WHEW !

It is all so hard to keep up with.

BUT….here's a tip; everything in moderation, AND ensure what goes IN, does come out……regularly !

We consume foods and liquids of all types because we enjoy eating and drinking, it is a social activity that gives pleasure to the senses, and caters to our need for interaction with others.

We don't actually NEED all the food we consume, and we don't need the variety of foods we eat and enjoy. But we DO enjoy it!!

Beware fruit juices; although there may be no ADDED sugar, most are high in NATURAL sugar. Water, plain or sparkling, is a better option. Drink as much as you like, as often as you like; preferably at least 1.5 to 2 litres a day.

Our bodies will function quite nicely thank you with sufficient water, raw vegetables, and protein from meats occasionally, but hey……how boring would life be if we stuck to that?

SO. We need to ensure that our digestive system is working efficiently, and the foods we do consume are digested properly, the available nutrients extracted, and the resulting waste is expelled regularly.

We don't give much thought to how our bodies actually process the foods.

We know it goes in.

We know when it is time for it to leave, and hopefully to take the natural toxins with it!

But what about the time " In- between", when the body works it's digestive magic?

Unless you have indigestion, or acid, or a tummy bug, you don't think about it much, but this is the MOST important time for your body.

To help the process go smoothly, there are a few simple rules to help ensure that your body's digestive system is working properly and toxins are removed as they should be.

REMEMBER, all the information here is of a general nature only, and may or may not be right for you. If you are pregnant, about to undertake an exercise programme, or taking medications, please consult your Health Care Professional. Every body is different and beneficial effects of health products and lifestyle vary considerably. We do not intend to indicate the advice given here will cure or alleviate any disease or medical condition.

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