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Abel Lemon Distribution is truly the name behind the names. For over 125 years the name ABEL LEMON has served Australia. Direct trading with countries of origin was pioneered by names like Abel Lemon, and Co. ( since 1887) and Burns Philp ( Est 1883) and this brought a wider variety of products to Australia, faster, as the goods by-passed Britain and its network of trading companies.

Our 125 year history is proof of the high levels of service we offer, and our reputation for reliability and quality.

Today, as a major supplier of high quality private label products, Abel Lemon Distribution sources the finest products from around the world. Our concentration is on quality , consistency, and reliability, and whilst price is always important, in no way can Food Safety, and quality be compromised by a lower price.

Production facilities must meet strict International Quality Control standards, and your guarantee is that we take care of this for you, and the resulting products meets all legal, and safety requirements.

We specialise in sourcing and supplying your private label products….efficiently…economically….and confidentiality. OR, if you prefer to use one of our brands, we can do that also.

In conjunction with our European and Asian Partners, the product range is growing all the time and is tailored to the individual needs of each customer.

Whether you require retail packs, or bulk Food Service products……we can help.

Contact us now to arrange a confidential meeting to discuss your requirements.

We are able to source;

Spaghetti and pastas from Italy
Olive oils from Italy
Finest Balsamic vinegars from Italy
Tea from Sri Lanka
Frozen Pizzas from Italy
European cheeses and fine Parmesan cheeses from Italy
Pre-packed ready to eat chilled desserts in individual cups
Paper kitchen towels, and pocket packs of Handkerchiefs
Wet wipe make up removers and baby wipes
Frozen seafood from Thailand
Frozen par-bake breads and rolls
Cheeses and dairy products
Fine hand-made traditional specialty foods such as home style Lasagnes, and Frittatas, handmade gourmet thin crust pizzas, Traditional Italian Arancini….all made here in Australia.
Frozen ready to eat meals made in Australia
In fact…………..if it is possible to import it !!
ABEL LEMON DISTRIBUTION can find it for you…………put us
to the test!

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