ObtThe evidence of history shows that long before Doctors, people used health teas as an everyday aid, and the benefits provided must have been well known for this usage to have continued. We know the ancient Egyptians used herbal teas such as Camomile in their daily lives.

Today we should consult our health care professionals when we make changes to our lifestyle, if you are pregnant, or have concerns, but health teas still play an important part in maintaining our health, and assisting with many health issues

Onno Behrends is produced from pure NATURAL herbs and organic ingredients. There are NO artificial colours. NO artificial flavours and NO artificial flavours. Gluten free, Carbohydrate fee and with virtually no calories, Onno Behrends tea can help maintain your body's hydration levels as well as providing benefits.

These beverages are traditionally called "tea" but they are more correctly termed Tisanes, or Infusions. Call them whatever you like, but the weight of history shows that people have enjoyed them, and used them to treat health problems, naturally, for hundreds and even thousands of years.

~just the flavours of nature …just as nature intended ~

Please note………….. Information here is of a general nature only, using historical evidence, and generally available information. It is not specific, and it is not intended as medical advice. Results may vary from person to person. Please, consult your Health Care Professional if you are Pregnant, breastfeeding, intend making changes to your diet or lifestyle, or are taking medications.

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